Cisco Unified Contact Center

IPCAS v2.0 - Cisco IPCC Enterprise Advanced Scripting

Duration: 2 Day Hands-On Lab & Lecture Course

Call center customers use Cisco® IP Contact Center Enterprise/Intelligent Contact Management (IPCC/ICM) to efficiently route call center contacts to the agent with the most appropriate skill set to assist the customer. Cisco ICM scripting provides the tools needed to translate an organization’s business rules for customer contacts into call routing logic. In the Cisco IPCC Enterprise Advanced Scripting course, students convert business requirements into call flow design and then into scripts that provide the routing information to routing clients. The process includes configuring, scripting, and testing complex call flows. Additional topics include database lookup features, custom formulas, and custom functions.
After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Develop a technique for determining the business rules that dictate the delivery of calls within a call center
  • Convert business rules into a call flow design based on the requirements
  • Develop scripts providing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) treatment, collecting digits, performing database lookups, and facilitating screen pops at the desktop
  • Test the scripting logic to verify that it meets the business requirements
  • Identify script failure and learn troubleshooting

 Course Outline

  • Script Editor Interface
  • Basic Scripting Overview
  • Routing Logic
  • Business Rules Development
  • Formula Editor, Built-In Functions, Custom Functions
  • Database Routing
  • Advanced Features

Lab Outline

  • Learn application discovery and design
  • Create routing script for Cisco IPCC Enterprise environment with Cisco IP IVR prompts
  • Create administrative script for Cisco IPCC Enterprise environment
  • Validate and troubleshoot scripts
  • Add database routing feature to routing script