Cisco Unified Contact Center

PDIOO v1.0 - Cisco IPCC Enterprise PPDIOO Workshop

Duration: 5 Day Hands-on Lab & Lecture Course

The Cisco IPCC Enterprise PPDIOO workshop is a five-day course for system engineers, consultants, and partners who deploy Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC) solutions. The course is designed to emulate IPCC deployments in a classroom environment. Students will use a customer business case and, as part of a workgroup, develop and document an IPCC solution to meet the needs of that business case.

Students will develop a solution based on the Cisco Systems PPDIOO project methodology: prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize. The course provides students with hands-on experience and knowledge of those tasks typically performed during an IPCC deployment. This includes customer needs analysis, deployment planning, configuration and staging, scripting, customer acceptance, and troubleshooting.

After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Convert business requirements into call flow design and scripts that provide routing information to routing clients, meet reporting needs, and provide call data to agentdesktops
  • Develop IPCC scripts and produce standard reports
  • Properly document configuration and scripting implementations
  • Undertake fundamental debugging/fault finding of the IPCC solution
  • Deploy solution and test for acceptance
  • Introduction
  • IPCC technical review (as required)
  • IPCC engagement process and PPDIOO methodology
  • Case study
  • Prepare and plan: customer requirements (discovery and CRD (Customer Requirement Document)
  • Design and implement
  • Operate and optimize
  • Troubleshooting

Lab Outline
Lab 1: CDR to Network Diagram
Lab 2: Network Diagram to ARA
Lab 3: Call Flow Description to Script Editor Input
Lab 4: Placing Test Calls Through an IPCC Enterprise
Lab 5: Report Validation