CISCO Training


  Advanced Services Cisco Unified Application Environment Developer Training (CUAE)

Who Should Attend 

This course is intended for application developers with a basic understanding of Cisco IP Telephony, primarily Cisco Unified CallManager.


The following are course prerequisites:

  • Cisco Unified CallManager Fundamentals
  • Microsoft VS.NET Fundamentals
  • Working knowledge of C/C++ and .NET or any other object oriented programming language

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Build applications using the Cisco Unified Application Designer
  • Deploy applications to CUAE
  • Run applications on CUAE triggered by calls from the IP phone
  • Run applications on CUAE triggered by making an HTTP request
  • Create, deploy, and utilize actions
  • Create, deploy and utilize custom providers including provider events and provider actions

Course Content

This lab-intensive course introduces you to the Cisco Unified Application Environment (CUAE) and its features. You will learn the important theoretical concepts that the CUAE is based on and gain the practical knowledge and skills to successfully use it to develop applications in your environment. In 6 hands-on labs, you will learn to build simple applications using out-of-the-box features of CUAE as well as develop more complex custom plugins.