CISCO Training

CME Admin

  Call Manager Express Administration (CME Admin)

Who Should Attend

  • Employee
  • Channel Partner / Reseller
  • Customer


  • Learners are expected to have a working knowledge of computer software, Windows navigation, and the ability to understand concepts of voice and computer system operation.
Course Content
  • CME Overview
    • What is IPT
    • IPT Components – Servers, phones, Gateways, Voicemail systems etc
    • IP Phone features
    • IP Phones and the LAN - Boot sequence, network settings, Ports, VLAN’s and QoS
  • CME (GUI)
    • Browser Support
    • Navigation and menu structures
    • User Interface
  • CME Command Line (CLI)
    • Accessing CME through Command Line Interface
  • Basic Administration
    • Configure Cisco CallManager to add users and phones to the Cisco CallManager database using manual configuration.
    • Configure Cisco CallManager to enable music on hold, speed dials, Call Pickup, Cisco IP
    • Phone Services, voice mail, Cisco Extension Mobility for new users.
    • Demonstrate the use of these features on Cisco IP Phones.
    • Features- Call Park, Transfer and Hunt Groups
    • Configure call forwarding.
    • Configure Meet Me conferencing and conferencing resources.
    • Configure soft-key and IP phone button templates.
    • Configure IP phone services – fast dials, address book.
    • Understand and configure Extension mobility.
    • Understand and configure Call Pickup Groups.
  • Voicemail Configuration
    • Configuring a Voicemail box
    • Associating VoiceMail Boxes to users
    • Making changes to VoiceMail Boxes
  • Troubleshooting IP Phone Problems
    • Basic steps – physical connectivity, possible user errors
    • Class of restriction
    • Using Switch port information
    • What information to provide for technical support
    • Voicemail issues – MWI reset, out of licensing and deleting users.

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