CISCO Training


  CallManager Boot Camp (CCMBOOT)

Who Should Attend

Engineers requiring IP Communications experience and understanding


Delegates must have good working knowledge of Cisco IPT solutions or have attended the IPT Bootcamp for SE's (v2.0). 

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand key differences, features and benefits within a CCM 5.0 solution
  • Understand local and remote voice routing through a CCM solution
  • Secure an IP Communications network for v 5.0
  • Manage IP Communications solutions with internal server tools
  • Understand the challenges associated with Network Migration (CCM and PABX)

Course Content

This advanced Boot Camp provides a detailed technical and working knowledge of Columbus architecture. By encompassing all the areas of the original IPT Boot camp for SE's in EMEA, this release focuses upon not only the direct migration from v4.x to 5.x but also uses detailed real-world scenario labs to understand design, troubleshooting, Dial-plans, CTI integration and SIP. This course builds a level of knowledge to encompass v.5.0 and key feature comparison of v.4.2 Call Manager. Additional focus is given to the integration with key Columbus components, including the latest versions of CME and CUE.

Furthermore, beyond the advanced dial-plans, partitions and search spaces, this course adds further in-depth knowledge to clustering, CCM and PABX migration, along with troubleshooting techniques (using cutting edge information and a "chalk & talk" delivery).

The structure of the course runs in conjunction with the delegates' ability to challenge themselves, as nearly 75% of the time is spent practically working to find solutions to design techniques or dynamic problems created by the instructor. This technique is proven to give full appreciation of both the theory, migration practices and the "real-world" challenges associated with the immense complexities of a Cisco Voice or IPT solution. This technique also ensures that the course is designed to facilitate the transgression of IP telephony knowledge to engineers with multiple backgrounds in voice, data or both. CCMBOOT looks at case-study challenges for designing, migrating and implementing a Call Manager solution. This will include functionality such as remote IPT gateways, SIP integration and basic XML editing, with "day-to-day" real world challenge exercises

The course outline is as follows:

  • Course Introduction
  • Establish an On-Cluster Call
  • Components of Cisco IP Communications (CUCM)
  • Cisco Call Manager Cluster and Deployment Options (4.1,4.2,5.0)
  • Set up Cisco Call Manager 5.0
  • Cisco Catalyst Switches, Cisco IP Phones
  • Add Phones and Other Endpoints
  • Add basic SIP endpoints
  • Add Extended SIP functionality (7941/7961)
  • Provision End-User functionality through PABX comparison
  • Cisco IP Telephony Users
  • Configuring Cisco Internal Directory services
  • Configuring External Directory Sources
  • Cisco Bulk Administration Tool
  • Establish an Off-Cluster Call
  • Telephony Class of Service
  • Configuring a Telephony Class of Service for Devices
  • Route Plan Basics and external integration with G/W
  • Building Basic Route Plans
  • Building Advanced Route Plans
  • Cisco Access Gateways
  • H323
  • MGCP
  • SIP
  • Configure Complex Route Plans
  • Configure Call Admission Control and Survivable Remote Site Telephony
  • Understand integration with CUE, CME and MCU services
  • Gatekeeper integration
  • Enable Features for Users, Media Resources, Configure Media Resources Softkey Template, Features, Device Associations, Unity Profiling
  • Configure Ancillary Call Manager Applications
  • Attendant Console
  • IP Softphone/IP communicator
  • VoIP integration with 3rd Party Products
  • ARC
  • NICE (VR)
  • Enable Video Calling and video integration
  • Basic Gatekeeper Requirements
  • Understand the principles of IP Phone Security Including: -
  • Principles of IP Communications Security
  • Authentication and Encryption Fundamentals
  • Secure Administration - HTTPS
  • MS Windows IPSEC
  • Call Manager Hardening
  • Basic CCM and CUA troubleshooting: -
  • Internal Server Tools and Accounts
  • Database Services and Command-Line Tools
  • Cisco Call Manager Serviceability
  • Real-Time Monitoring Tool
  • Call Detail Records

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