CISCO Training

  Cisco MeetingPlace Pre-Sales Engineer (CMPT)

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Cisco Partner pre-sales engineers and for Partner personnel responsible for designing and providing post-sales technical support for MeetingPlace in enterprise networks.


The student's sponsor organization must hold a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Specialized Certification and be authorized to sell and support Cisco MeetingPlace products. Attendees should have completed the self-paced Cisco MeetingPlace Product Overview course and have hands-on experience from attending these self-paced courses.

  • MeetingPlace Basic User
  • MeetingPlace Administrator
  • MeetingPlace Analyst

Course Objectives

After completing this course the student should be able to:: 

  • Describe Cisco MeetingPlace rich-media capabilities (voice/web/video/IM) in IP and TDM integrations
  • Explain hardware and software components of a Cisco MeetingPlace solution and the interaction between all components
  • Demonstrate knowledge of IP Video Conferencing solutions, including Cisco CallManager video telephony, and how to integrate them with the MeetingPlace solution
  • List and explain design architectures for the MeetingPlace solution based on customer requirements
  • Use the Configuration Tool to design and build MeetingPlace solutions according to case study guidelines

Course Content

This training session is a three-day instructor led technical course that reviews and enforces the system architecture of MeetingPlace and how those components integrate into an enterprise network. This course will familiarize you with the inter-communication of key system components including the terminology, concepts and core protocol functionality required to perform a successful customer demonstration. You will also become familiar with Cisco's MeetingPlace audio conferencing server platforms and gateway products including overviews, hardware and software component functions, system configuration, using hands-on lab exercises to reinforce your knowledge. You will use the MeetingPlace Configuration Tool and other tools in case studies and design scenarios to create solutions that meet typical customer requirements.

  • Cisco MeetingPlace rich-media capabilities in IP and TDM environments
  • Cisco MeetingPlace hardware and software components and their interaction in a Solution
  • Integrating IP Video Conferencing solutions with the Cisco MeetingPlace solution
  • Design architectures for a solution to meet customer requirements
  • Using Configuration Tool to design and build Cisco MeetingPlace solutions