CISCO Training

  Linksys Voice System Sales and Technical Training (LVSTT)

Who Should Attend

Anyone from the Linksys reseller community who is: 

  • in a sales position or
  • who is customer facing and needs to position and sell an LVS system or
  • who is in a technical position and who needs to install, maintain and support an LVS system.


A good understanding of LAN and WAN technologies, VoIP, SIP and PBX basics.


Course Objectives

This 2 day course consists of sales and technical modules giving a complete overview of the Linksys solution from both perspectives.

Following this course delegates will:

  • Understand the IPT market in general and specifically, the SMB and COBO market
  • Be able to identify potential LVS customers
  • Be able to compare and contrast an IP-PBX with a traditional PBX
  • Be able to list the LVS features and benefits
  • Be able to describe and understand the components of the LVS system
  • Be able to design an LVS solution according to customer needs
  • Understand the theory of operation of the Linksys Voice System
  • Be able to identify the components that make up the LVS
  • Be able to install and configure the LVS using the Setup Wizard
  • Be able to provision the LVS to operate in various PSTN and VoIP applications
  • Use common PBX features like placing a call, Group Paging, Voicemail etc
  • Be able to setup a choice of optional advanced users' applications.

Course Content

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Linksys
    • Company Overview
    • Market Overview
  • LVS Overview
    • Products and Service Models
    • Business Phones, Accessories and Gateways
    • Using the LVS
    • Preparing your network for the LVS
    • Upgrading your LVS
  • VoIP Basics
    • IP Telephony Terminology
    • SIP Overview
    • QoS
  • LVS Installation
  • Initial Setup
  • Physical Installation
  • Wizard Installation