CISCO Training

  Selling IPTV (SELIPTV)


Who Should Attend
Sales and sales support personnel who are involved in selling IPTV.


Course Objectives
The objectives of this course are:  
* To provide an overview of IPTV technology and components  
* To provide information that will help sales and sales support personnel better sell an IPTV solution  
* To provide an insight into the worldwide IPTV market  
* To help understand the IPTV value proposition and how best to present this to prospective customers

Course Content

Helicopter View of IPTV  
Definition of IPTV  
Evolution of IPTV  
IPTV Service Components  
Features & Benefits  
IPTV Architecture  
Key Technology Enablers – Multicasting, MPEG, QoS, Ethernet LSPs,  
Applications and Services  
IPTV Challenges  
Existing and Emerging Standards  
Why do we need it?  
MPEG Evolution  
MPEG-4 vs MPEG-2  
Lossy vs Lossles Compression  
Compression Formats  
JVT – Joint Video Team  
MPEG Codecs and Profiles  
Resolution & Bandwidth  
Encoding and Decoding  
Objects and BIFS  
Transporting IPTV  
The IPTV/VoD Model  
Using MPEG-2 TS  
Elementary Streams  
Packetised Elementary Streams  
Program Streams  
Transport Streams  
JVT Coding  
Using RTP  
What does RTP provide  
Controlling the flow with RTCP  
Transporting Control Information with RTSP  
RTSP Protocol Stack  
Basic Commands  
Basic Control  
IPTV Multicasts  
VoD Unicasts  
Using IGMP  
Versions 1, 2 and 3  
Joining and Leaving a Session  
The IPTV Market  
Installed base of solutions/who installed what  
Market drivers and how to leverage them  
What the market is /major players  
Necessary market conditions for Sales  
Which markets to attack and why
Approaching a Sale  
What do we need to Consider  
Customer Profiling – getting the right Customer  
Client Qualification  
Exercise : Building a Strawman  
The 20 Key Questions  
Stakeholder Profiling  
Identifying Key Decision Makers (stakeholders)  
The Decision Making Process  
Influencing the sales process  
The Circle of Influence – prioritising stakeholders  
The Value Proposition for IPTV  
Business Drivers  
Cost of Ownership/Return on Investment  
Business Continuity  
What is the Customers View  
IPTV Value Proposition  
Exercise : Building a Value Proposition  
Quantifying the Need  
What to sell on  
Key Points for a Successful Sale  
Exercise : Building a Business Case  
Pitching the Sale  
Identifying the Key Messages  
Adapting Your Messaging for your Audience  
Getting Buy-in from Management  
Exercise : Role Play  
Wrap up and Close