CISCO Training

  TelePresence Installation and Configuration Training (TPICT)

Who Should Attend

  • Channel Partners/Resellers
  • Customer
  • Employee


To fully benefit from this course, it is recommended that you have the following prerequisite skills and knowledge:

  • Cisco CCNA certification or equivalent knowledge
  • Implementing Cisco Unified CallManager Part 1 (CIPT1) or equivalent knowledge

Course Objectives

TelePresence Installation and Configuration Training (TPICT) is a three-day, instructor-led course that teaches the Cisco TelePresence architecture, components, functionalities, and features. This course also describes how to perform a room and network assessment, how to assemble and configure the TelePresence system, and how to tune the TelePresence cameras. In addition, this course explains the architecture of the network, the endpoint system, and the Cisco TelePresence Manager.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the Cisco TelePresence experience and how it will change the way businesses communicate in the future
  • Describe products that compete with Cisco TelePresence
  • Perform a Room Readiness Assessment (RRA) using the RRA tool kit (as part of this objective you will sit in an actual TelePresence room to experience how to perform an assessment.)
  • Identify components of a Cisco TelePresence solution and what pieces require special care
  • Identify the tools and methodology for tuning the Cisco TelePresence cameras
  • Provide an overview of the Cisco TelePresence endpoint architecture including
  • interconnectivity between all components, Primary/Secondary relationships, software operation, and administrative interfaces
  • Describe the network protocols and architecture that support Cisco TelePresence
  • Describe the steps involved in making a Cisco TelePresence call
  • Explain the Cisco TelePresence Manager (CTM) Server as well as the architecture and configuration of the CTM Software application
  • Perform an assessment of the hardware, software, and network in order to support the Cisco TelePresence System for point-to-point TelePresence audio/video conferencing
  • Engage support organizations, such as Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Explain how the TelePresence Business Unit (TSBU) multipoint capabilities are provided and how the TSBU will affect the network assessment requirements

Course Content

  • Cisco TelePresence Solution Overview
  • Physical Assembly and Logistics
  • Performing a Room Assessment
  • Cisco TelePresence Network Architecture
  • Performing a Network Path Assessment
  • Cisco TelePresence Endpoint System Architecture
  • Tuning the Cisco TelePresence Cameras
  • Cisco TelePresence Manager
  • Cisco TelePresence Multipoint
  • TelePresence in Business to Business Applications