Avaya Training

Avaya Communication Server 1000E Release 7.x Implementation and Upgrade

Learn to install or migrate to CS 1000 Release 7.x and become familiar with the functions of the Avaya System Manager.
Course Outline
1. System Overview
2. System Components
3. Planning System Installation and Upgrades
4. CS 1000E System Hardware Installation
5. Install and Configure CP PM Call Server Software (VxWorks)
6. Install the Linux Base Operating System
7. Configure Security Services
8. Deploy Applications
9. Signaling Server Gateway Configuration
10. Gateway Controller Configuration
11. Upgrades to CS 1000E Release 7.5
Lab 1: CS1000E System Hardware Installation

  • Installing System Components
    • CP DC Signaling Server
    • CP MG 32/ 128
    • CP PM (Call Server, Signaling Server, Co-Res)
    • Media Gateway Controller
    • DSP Daughterboards
  • Connecting CS 1000E System Components
  • LAN Connections and LED Indicators
  • Block Diagrams

Lab 2: Install and Configure CP PM Call Server Software (VxWorks)

  • System Software Installation
    • CP PM Call Server
    • Second CP PM Call Server
    • Making System Redundant
    • Testing the System
    • Performing Backup
  • Configuring the CS 1000E Call Server
    • Configuring ELAN and TLAN Access
    • Configuring Media Gateway Bandwidth Zones
    • Prepare the Call Server and Media Gateway for Management
    • Password Security (OAM Security)
    • Configure PTYs
    • Configure CDB
    • Configure Digital Data Block
    • Perform Backup
  • Join the Security Domain

Lab 3: Install the Linux Base Operating System

  • Pre-Loaded Software
  • Non-Pre-Loaded Software
  • Fully Qualified Domain Name
  • User Account and Access Control

Lab 4: Deploy Applications Using the UCM/System Manager Deployment Services
Lab 5: Signaling Server Gateway Configuration
Lab 6: Media Gateway Controller Configuration

  • MGC Media Daughterboard Installation
  • Connect, Power Up, and Initiate Boot
  • Initial Configuration
  • Complete MGC Configuration on the Call Server using Element Manager
  • Tone and Conference and DTRs
  • Tone Detectors for MFR
  • MGC Media Daughterboards
  • Verify Configuration and Status
  • Back Up the Call Server
  • Join the Security Domain
  • Install and Configure Telephones

Lab 7: Upgrades to CS 1000E Release 7.x

  • Save Customer Database from Option 11C Call Server
  • Add the CPMG Card to the Chassis
    • Cable the Card to the Chassis and to the Layer 2 Switch
    • Boot the CPMG Co-Resident for the First Time
    • Log in to UCM using Default PW and Configure UCM Security Services
    • Upload Software to UCM Deployment Library
    • Access UCM Deployment Service to Deploy Software Application Packages as Required (CS, EM, SIPL, etc.)
    • Transfer Small System Database to Large System Format
    • Configure the Gateway Controller
  • Perform a System Backup
  • Add SIPL Gateway Functionality to the System
  • Verify Success of Upgrade
    • Join Devices to Security Domain