CISCO Training

  Cisco IP Contact Centre Product Boot Camp 7.0 (IPCCBOOT)

Who Should Attend 

This course is intended for personnel who will implement, configure and support the Cisco ICM/IPCC Product and already have a working knowledge of Call Manager and CRSD.

  • System Engineers
  • Channel Partner/Resellers
  • Cisco Employees
  • Customers
  • Deployment Engineers


  • Strong knowledge of MS Windows Server 2003 and TCP/IP networking
  • Required attendance and completion of Call Manager class (CIPT)
  • Recommended attendance and completion of CRSD (IPCC Express)
  • Familiarity with your call centre operations (ACD, Network, and any IVR implementations)

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the delegate will be able to:

  • Configure a generic ICM system using the Configure ICM utility (ICMPT1)
  • Create several call routing and administrative scripts using the Script Editor utility
  • Generate real time and historical ICM reports using standard templates from the WebView utility
  • Describe ICM system components, their functions and processes that run on the System Components
  • Install the needed third party software for proper WebView operation
  • Install the ICM System Software in a duplexed Enterprise environment
  • Use the Cisco Support Tools Dashboard utility and ICM tools for basic System Administration and Troubleshooting
  • Accurately explain the IPCC solution concept
  • Identify solution models and their issue
  • Build an ICM Enterprise (ICMPT2), an IPCC Enterprise and a System IPCC (IPCCPT) solution
  • Install, configure, test and maintain ICM/IPCC components for the single-site environment
  • Formulate and implement ICM/IPCC call flows and routing scripts
  • Troubleshoot the ICM/IPCC solution set

Course Content

The Contact Centre Boot Camp v7.0 is an accelerated class combining three complete Cisco classes including Cisco Intelligent Contact Management Product Training Part 1 (ICMPT1), Cisco Intelligent Contact Management Product Training Part 2 (ICMPT2) and Cisco IP Contact Centre Product Training (IPCC).

The Cisco Intelligent Contact Manager course provides an understanding of ICM system terminology, features, functions, components and capabilities. The course component provides extensive coverage of ICM configuration, scripting and tools such as Call Tracer and other ICM Utilities. During the course labs delegates add a Contact Centre, complete configuration, perform contingencies in scripting and create and use Enterprise Services and Skill Groups. Labs include starting Call Generator and monitoring a script with simulated live data. The course looks at the reporting capabilities of ICM. WebView is used to launch several different report templates, setting thresholds and performing drill-downs.

The second part of the course provides ICM system administrators, maintenance personnel and Cisco Partners the knowledge and experience necessary to install, set-up, support and troubleshoot the Cisco Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise Edition. The course covers deployment models, deployment planning, ICM processes, functional descriptions and fault tolerance. Delegates will use a basic design (based on the ICMPT1 component) and create a duplexed ICM Central Controller with two Contact Centres. They will build a simple SQL database for use in database routing. After installing the required software, the delegate will set up their labs and using the knowledge gained previously, will configure and script for their business logic. The course includes monitoring and troubleshooting the Lab built during this course. Support Tools, command line and various other troubleshooting aids and techniques are also discussed.

The final stage of the course gives an overview of the IP Contact Centre and its components. Delegates will configure an Enterprise IPCC, followed by an installation of a System IPCC, Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD v7.01) and the Outbound Option. Cisco CallManager version 4.1(3), IP IVR version 4.0(1) and ICM v7.0 are also used in this course. New call flows are created and used as the basis to aid delegates to understand how to configure and operate the IP Contact Centre. The course also includes coverage of CTI OS Agent / Supervisor Desktop in the IPCC Enterprise and CAD in the System IPCC. IPCC specific templates are covered in WebView Reporting.