Avaya Training

CS 1000 Upgrade and Avaya AuraIntegration Boot Camp

Course Outline
1. Introduction
2. CS 1000 Release 7.x Overview
3. CS 1000/Avaya Aura Integration
4. CS 1000 NRS Migration to Session Manager
5. CS 1000 UCM Migration/Deployment Services
6. Main Office Upgrade: Network File Service
7. Branch Office Upgrade: One-Touch
8. SIP Line Services
9. IP Media Services
10. Log Harvesting
11. Extended Local Calls
12. Review and Summary
Lab 1: Upgrade an existing CS 1000 Release 6.0 IP Peer Network to CS 1000 Release 7.x integrating Aura
Lab 2: System and Aura Session Manager
Lab 3: Enable UCM services on the Avaya Aura System Manager
Lab 4: Migrate the UCM primary security server database to System Manager
Lab 5: Migrate the CS 1000 NRS database to the Avaya Aura Session Manager
Lab 6: Upload CS 1000 applications to the deployment server
Lab 7: Perform one-touch upgrades on CS 1000 6.0 Linux servers to 7.x
Lab 8: Load software on Linux-based servers using NFS
Lab 9: Enable and configure SIP Line Gateway and SIP clients
Lab 10: Deploy and provision IP Media Services