What our Clients say about us

The following testimonials are from some of our many satisfied clients / students....We prefer to present real people with their testimonials rather than just crafted words of a content writer. Given below are some words extracted from the feedback sheets of our previous students .

"Instructor's lectures are very well delivered and well structured. Without any slide show and without instructor refering book in hand. Everything was very smooth. Learned lot! Well done VOIP Academy- Liked the course, good instructors, loved the end result - the CCNA."

Mr. Venkatesh, London, UK

"When you start course at VOIP Academy course, it soon becomes clear you are entering in to a Team, with you as the main player so to speak and VOIP Academy as your couch. Your aim is to score by passing the vital exams and gain the huge knowledge. VOIP Academy instructors are with you on every step of the way. These people are truly major league you are left with no doubt that your success is their success and with a 98 % pass rate. Internal testing helped me for job interview."

"Explanation was very good. I could understand 100% of the program though I am Commerce graduate. I think it's a good environment in which I could study. Weekend vivas are very useful."

Mr. Javed Shaikh, Veritas, India.

"VOIP Academy provide a designed and structured course to give you the maximum benefits from this education. It is a rigorous course designed to promote you to a position where you not only pass the test but have a practical understanding of its place and purpose in the professional world. This is definitely not a brain dump course. You are left with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment."

Mr. Adwait Inamdar, RedHat, India.

"Thanks for the good time. Everything was perfect, but I forgot to read news paper, watch TV, chat with my friends and I am only into networks now, 24 x 7 x 365. I cant believe that learning is so interesting and provides confidence. We used to uptill midnight. The teacher spent so much time with me and the rest of the group even outside studying hours. Saturday tests were amezing. It was the experience."

"I received your thank you letter regarding the classes that I took this summer at VOIP Academy in Pune, and I am happy to say I am CCNA and Wireless certified! I spent over 40 hours talking to people all over the India, regarding the different Cisco certification programs offered. VOIP Academy's reputation of updating its courses to keep up with the ever changing exams, coupled with the sometimes grueling simulation demands required to teach this course effectively."

"Thank you for your outstanding support. Lectures were excellent. Very flexible to student needs. White board and cholk technique really worked well. Everyone should attend VOIP Academy Boot camp. "

Mr. Galande, HCL Technologies, India.

"Just thought I would drop you guys a quick note and let you know I had been interviewed by one of the Networking giant and your Pre-CCNA course helped me to clear the written test as well as technical interview. Saturday exams bulit the confidence to face challenges. Thanks to VOIP Academy."

" I just wanted to thank you for the phenomenal CCNA training you provided. Your instructing methods are great and allowed me to grasp all concepts and apply them in the lab as well as in real life now. It has enabled the confidence needed to really face my interviewing process. As a fresher otherwise it was difficicult to get selected, but just got selected due to VOIP Academy. Without you all people, this would not have been possible!"

Sachin Borse,DSM Infotech, Mumbai.

"I would like to tell you boldly now, that I had completed CCNA course from a local institute before coming to VOIP Academy, but the faculty never had a technical background also they had only 2 routers. I wasted my hard earned money, competely. Millions of thanks to the person who reffered me to VOIP Academy. The Every Saturday discussions helpmed a lot. I am CCNA now. I am looking forward to your Security courses."

"Just completed CCNA course taught by a great instructor. He continually kept us going while he presented us with his experiences and energy. And never let us left alone. I am lucky to be with VOIP Academy. Our entire batch spent many many extra hours playing on routers. We all took Saturday very seriously ever in life time."

Mandar Phalak., Australia.

"Umesh Sir, I just wanted to thank you for the great experience I had taking your CCNA class at VOIP Academy. You guys are great. I was so thrilled that I had the opportunity to attend your class and felt privileged to meet you. The class far exceeded my expectations. I had baught the book a year back and was preparing on my own. But after attending your classes I realized what was missing in my studies. I hope that I get the chance to attend another one of your classes in the future. Your knowledge and understanding of the student's understanding is amazing."